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Schedule at a glance

The Digital Leadership Summit (DLS) is specially curated for district leaders and will guide you through a series of daily exercises based on the design-thinking process that include opportunities for deep conversations and hands-on problem-solving in a virtual environment. Bring your most critical concerns to the small break-out groups and work through them with those who have been there before. Leave the Digital Leadership Summit and ISTE20 Live inspired with strategies you can put right into action!

Day One: Monday, November 30, 8-10:30 a.m. PT

The opening learning session will allow you to kick off your Digital Leadership Summit experience in a community of like-minded education leaders with a lively discussion on where districts are now. This segment will continue with the first “Design Block,” which will set the stage for group discussion and intuitive thinking for the week, while a corresponding “Horizon Chat” will take a deep dive into the experiences and expertise of industry leaders and practitioners. We will end the day with a preview of the ISTE20 Leadership Track sharing some not-to-miss highlights and advice on how to take full advantage of the Virtual Expo Hall experience.

Day Two: Tuesday, December 1, 8-9:45 a.m. PT

Kick off your day with an exploration of the ISTE20 Leadership Track and join a small group discussion based on one participant’s presentation. Dive right into the Digital Leadership Summit content with a special presentation, then get to work with your colleagues as you continue through the second Design Block. Leave the day inspired by an invigorating Horizon Chat conversation.

Day Three: Wednesday, December 2, 8-10:15 a.m. PT

Continue your DLS learning journey as you move through the ideation phase of the design process and challenge your thinking through the day’s Horizon Chat and Design Block.

Day Four: Thursday, December 3, 8-9:45 a.m. PT

Today’s Design Block and Horizon Chat will focus on experimentation and prototyping new ideas from the learning and information you have gathered so far from your DLS and ISTE20 experience. As you build out new solutions, deliberate with colleagues on what you’ll take home with you and then put into action.

Day Five: Friday, December 4, 8-10 a.m. PT

Wrap up your journey through the design-thinking process by participating in the last Design Block and Horizon Chat sessions. The final day of leader-centric programming will allow you to summarize what you’ve learned and enhance your problem-solving skills through critical feedback. Close out your ISTE20 DLS experience with your personal call to action and a plan for next steps and be sure to stay for an enticing surprise at the day’s conclusion!

ISTE20 Live Leadership Track: Monday through Friday, Nov. 30-Dec. 4 (times vary):

Enhance your Digital Leadership Summit (DLS) experience by choosing from various sessions presented by educators from around the world in a variety of formats during the ISTE20 Live daily programing. Each day, we’ll recommend leadership-specific sessions to help you create your own personalized learning path. Take advantage of this exceptional content, explore the virtual expo hall and meet up with other attendees to get the full ISTE20 Live experience!

“The Digital Leadership Summit was structured incredibly well so that we were able to hear from leaders, learn from other people, but also dive deep into some of our own planning to challenge our own thinking about moving forward.”

— Kevin Beckner, Assistant Superintendent, Parkway School District