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Danielle Abernethy, Private Contractor
@Danielle Abernethy
ISTE affiliate: FCITL

Danielle's passion for educational technology began in 1997 when all she had access to was a computer in a closet of the media center with Internet. As a former technology coach, DEN STAR, DEN Leader and member of other educational organizations, she has learned the power of networking. Danielle collaborates with Heather on various classroom activities throughout the year. She has presented at FETC, SCEDTech, GAETC, and ISTE. Danielle is also an executive member of the Digital Storytelling Network of ISTE.


Digital StoryTelling Playground: Designing and Crafting Stories Digitally

Storytelling With Comics

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Company or companies with which presenter has a material connection: Danielle works for Tech4Learning. HOWEVER, our presentation is NOT based on a tool. We actually show several tools and talk more about the concept of creating comics. Creating should never be about the tool but the concepts and process.
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