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Child care resources in Anaheim

For attendees who need child care while at ISTE20, we’ve gathered suggestions for Anaheim resources below.

Additionally, the convention center will have two designated nursing mother’s rooms and the Marriott will have one nursing mother’s room available. Refrigerator storage for nursing mothers is available at the information booth.


The names of child care organizations, providers and resources listed here should be considered referrals only, not recommendations. ISTE does not guarantee openings or program quality, does not warrant or guarantee the kind or quality of child care provided by individuals, groups, schools, agencies or organizations who appear on this list of resources, and accepts no legal liability for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any of the child care resources presented here. These resources have been provided in good faith that due diligence will be conducted by those parties seeking to contract child care services that are offered by external parties not affiliated with ISTE. The California Department of Human Services can provide information to the public regarding the licensure of child care centers in the Anaheim area.